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indianAs the crow flies and the train runs, Mount Kisco is located about 36 miles north of New York City. The village has been described variously as the ‘commercial hub of Northern Westchester,” “the shopping capital of Northern Westchester,” and “the healthcare capital of Northern Westchester.” Mount Kisco is all of these and more! Mount Kisco is truly the heart of Westchester County.

Mount Kisco is a Village/Town with some 10,000 residents spanning the full spectrum of income levels and living accommodations. Residents buy, rent, and sublet in a variety of neighborhoods and in a variety of homes. Condominiums, cooperatives, apartments, single-family and multi-family homes and luxury estate houses happily co-exist in Mount Kisco. In Mount Kisco, home means more than an individual residence. Home is inextricably entwined with the neighborhood in which you live.

Upcoming Local Events:
Mount Kisco Sales Days Sept 19th & 20th 2015 – click to download the application and register today

Mount Kisco 5k Run Sept 20th 2014 – click for more info and to register today


Mount Kisco Chamber of commerce is thrilled to announce

 Frank Yozzo, owner of the Four Seasons Flower Shop, is our
2015 Citizen of the Year honoree.


Frank Yozzo- Citizen of the Year 2015

The Citizen of the Year Annual Dinner

will take place on:

Wednesday, May 13th at 6:30pm

Holiday Inn – Mount Kisco

For more information contact the Executive Director
Phone: (914) 666-7525, director@mtkiscochamber.com